How to reach out to customers

Mobile app — easy communication

In Udmurtia, the FMCG chain of 5 brands was not able to inform its customers about latest offers and promos. The communication channels included only traditional printed materials and SMS distribution.

The director supported the decision to build the communication channel through which the customers could receive personal offers. A mobile app was the best solution. Therefore, holders of the discount or loyalty cards had to be encouraged to install a mobile app and register the card.

Target population was generated

The marketer of the retail chain generated the “Customers without mobile app” population based on the Loyalty Culture solution. This population was used to daily select the eligible customers who “Received personal offer yesterday” and “Installed mobile app – not installed”.

Permanent promo was configured

Then a permanent promo was configured for the “Customers without mobile app” population. The promo also included “To install mobile app and get a gift” newsletter.

The second promo with a gift was generated

After that the marketer created the second promo called “First installation of mobile app” with the bonus charging parameter – “Gift”. Only the customers who met the condition of the mobile app installation “yesterday” received the bonuses. The retail chain also promoted its mobile app on slips and using printed advertising at the shop entrances with a QR code for the app download.

Result :

The information about slips, cards and customers is processed every day and the up-to-date list of phone numbers is generated for the mailing service.

The mailing service selects the most cost-effective and secured delivery method of the existing options: Viber/Telegram or SMS.

The customers receive a message of thanks and bonuses following the mobile app installation.

The retail chain proceeded with continuous communication with its customers fostering the customer loyalty and cutting the communication costs.

The retail chain boosts its marketing activities while cutting their cost.

Getting started is fast and easy


Collection of project information

Collection of project information


Integration configuration and historical records upload

Integrate the system with cash register software and upload information about your customers and products


Design customization and mobile app publication

Customize design and parameters of a mobile app and publish it.

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